Warm Her Up With Laughter

Naturally, a woman is going to be more attracted to you if you can make her laugh. And vice versa, right? As with any aspect of dating, the advice "Don't try too hard" is solid. However, you'd be wise not to try too little either. Do make an effort to show your wittiness if you want her to like you. The tendency to use humor to attract a mate does have a few pitfalls and pratfalls, however.

Laugh Track #1:
Use your natural sense of humor.
A woman's sense of humor is as unique as her personality. You're never going to have a 100% success rate with making women laugh. So the best first approach is to use your natural way of joking around and see if you meet an appreciative audience. If your friends and family members tend to laugh at your wry sense of humor or your physical slapstick demonstrations, stick with what you know for starters.

Laugh Track #2:
Don't use manufactured one liners.
Unless you're really good at standup, don't throw out something you heard on TV and expect her to laugh. It's not just the line, it's also the delivery that counts. If you can't pull it off like the comedian on TV, you might fill the room with awkward embarrassment instead of belly rocking laughter.

Laugh Track #3:
Use situational humor.
A good starting point for making your date laugh is to find something awkward in your environment or something ironic you encountered earlier in the day, and exaggerate the description to make her smile.

Laugh Track #4:
Tease her or poke fun at yourself.
If she's confident and so are you, you might find teasing a good way to break the ice. Describing a situation that made you look a bit foolish shows a sense of confidence and might make her appreciate that you know you're not perfect. Teasing her about how long it took her to get ready and look so beautiful scores both humor and compliment points if carried out smoothly. But be careful, teasing too harshly too early can be a big negative.

Dating and humor should go together. If you can make her laugh, she'll end up smiling and loosening up. Then you might get her to tell humorous stories that reveal her own weak spots and her unique way of looking at the world. The ultimate goal is to help her smile and relax so you can learn about each other. Then you can see if your positive connection turns into that warm, happy feeling that lasts after the laughter dies down.

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