How to Impress a Woman

You meet a fantastic woman you'd like to get to know better - what do you do? Just be yourself and she'll come running, right? Wrong! Know the moves you can make that will impress her.

Make an effort to look good. Women are attracted to men who take care of themselves. Dress nicely. Shower and shave. Smell good. Don't try to be something you're not with new clothes or a new hairstyle. But present the best version of yourself.

Open doors. When you open the car door for her, you're showing a woman that she's special. Likewise, holding the restaurant door is simply polite and thoughtful. However, pushing in her chair for her could be over the top and a bit awkward, unless that's just your usual way.

Make eye contact. As you get to know each other, making eye contact shows her that you respect her and are interested in her. It shows a focus on her. If you're a bit shy, really concentrate on making more eye contact and holding it a bit longer than you're used to. Eye contact can express feelings strongly without words. But don't give her the bedroom eyes at the dinner table on the first date. Show interest, not lust.

Pay attention to her. What does she need: A refill on her drink? A jacket to ward off the chill as you sit outside? What does she want: A walk in the park after dinner? Spending time with you listening to music? Take initiative to satisfy her and show her that you're tuned into her unique desires.

Ask her about herself. She wants to know what makes you tick. So reveal a bit about yourself. But don't dominate the conversation. Ask leading questions that will help her open up so you can learn about her interests, her experiences and her dreams.

Be a good conversationalist. On your first few dates or phone calls, awkward silences can happen. Prepare some fallback questions or comments to get the conversation going again. If one of you is doing all the talking, that's not a good sign for the future of the relationship. Work on give and take - asking about her thoughts and offering your own comments as follow up.

Show an interest in her friends. If you meet her in a setting where other friends or family are present, make an effort to interact with them. She'll be more interested in pursuing a relationship if you fit in well with her crowd. If you charm them, you'll charm her too. Make her feel proud to be by your side.

Limit distractions. Don't allow other friends, phone texts or the game on the bar television to distract you from interacting with her. Turn your phone on silent, and only check it when she's in the bathroom. Tell your friend who keeps interrupting the conversation that you're in the middle of something and will catch up with him in a few minutes. Focus on her.

Tell her what you like about her. No, this does not mean telling her she's got a hot body! Whether you're meeting in a crowd or taking her to dinner, let her know what you find attractive about her as a person. Could be her intelligence, could be her unique jewelry, could be her sense of humor. Give her a genuine compliment about something besides how physically attractive she is.

Make her feel special. The bottom line is to let her know that you think she's one of a kind. She wants you to show that you're interested in her, not just in any woman, and that you think she's worth that extra attention and effort you're investing in starting a relationship. In other words, let her know that you're truly impressed with her, and she'll be more likely to be impressed with you.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Do you know karate? 'Cause your body sure is kickin'!
  • I've got $10!
  • What time do you get off? Can I watch?
  • Falling for you would be a very short trip.
  • What planet are you from? 'Cause I've never seen anyone like you before!