Impress Her With Your Moves!

Women have lots of options, thanks to online dating and bars and grocery stores and.... So show her that you're different. Show her that you know how to treat a woman.

What do women want? All guys ask that question. What they want is to be treated like they're special and are your only love interest.

Show Respect
Show her that she's special by asking her out. No, not texting her with a brief, “Want to hang out tonight?” message. Truly and clearly ask her out--on a date.

This means setting up a time at least a day in advance, if not more. Planning something that takes a bit of effort is important. Dinner at a restaurant is fine. Going to hear music is good. Try to plan something that lets her know you value her company and are thinking of her specifically.

That doesn't mean hanging out with a group of friends at a bar. That doesn't mean meeting for outdoor music with no dinner or alone time involved. Try to mix it up.

Make a Plan
Allow for some time to talk and get to know each other, with some activity that gets you on your feet also. Maybe it's dancing. Maybe it's walking downtown. Maybe it's playing corn hole or shooting pool.

Do something alone and something active, and you'll have a recipe for success. The activity takes the pressure off to have intense conversation the whole time. And it also gives you something light to talk about with your date.

It's good to ask her about restaurants she likes or wants to try. But don't ask her 20 questions before the first date. Sound her out, and then make a decision. Have some alternative options for the after-dinner activities. Suggest a few possibilities and let her choose. If she's reluctant, then take charge yourself.

Extend the Evening
If the date goes well, you might want to have a final option figured out. Plan a third activity if you really hit it off and want to spend a bit more time together. Maybe it's your favorite club with live music on the water. Maybe it's a special ice cream place that's open late. Think ahead and you'll impress her so much that you'll ensure a second date.

A special girl requires a special effort. Lay the groundwork and you're sure to have a remarkable evening--one that marks the start of a promising relationship.

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  • Like my butt? I love yours!
  • Excuse me, but I think I dropped something . . . My jaw!
  • I made a wish on a falling star, and you just made my wish come true!
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  • Hey, haven't I seen you before? Oh, yeah, it was in my dreams!