The Dangerous Allure of Online Friendships

Some relationships suffer when one partner is too antisocial. Others suffer when the social butterfly partner is landing here, there and everywhere. Online friendships can highlight the different approaches you and your partner have and can fuel the flames of jealousy. Why is your sweetie getting up in your grill? Could be one of several reasons.

Are You Connecting With Exes?
If you've recently become Facebook friends with an ex-girlfriend, look out! Your sweetheart sees those connections as threatening. Especially when the compliments are gushing back and forth. Think about how you would feel if the tables were turned - wouldn't you wonder why she'd want to connect with an ex? Posting new or old photos of your ex is a definite no-no unless you really don't care about your current girlfriend's feelings. Because that's what those actions say - I care more about highlighting my relationship with this woman than respecting your feelings. If you want to stay out of the danger zone, you'd better minimize the ex-interactions.

Are You Drooling Over Famous Women?
Do you comment on photos or videos of hot, famous women? Do you and your friends get specific about the attributes you like best - whether it's the girls or the boo-tay? These kinds of comments in person can come and go with little commotion. But online, they keep coming back up and leave a bad aftertaste. No matter how unrealistic the attraction, she sees you wanting someone other than her. She's thinking, "What's she got that I don't have?" or "She looks nothing like me - how can he think she's hot?" She might be smoldering with silent jealousy every time she looks back at that post.

Are You Encouraging Facebook Flirts?
If you've got coworkers or other women friends who are frequently interacting with you online, whether through Facebook comments, e-mail exchanges or chat sessions, be cautious. Your mutual harmless flirting could lead to more - like when the feelings of flattery develop into the desire to feel those good vibes in person. Your sweetheart knows these sparks could light the wick to your candle, and she doesn't want to see anyone but her make you melt.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, think how you'd feel if she were behaving the way you're tempted to. If your current relationship is important to you, then just say no to the sneaky seduction of online connections.

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