Keep in Touch...But Not Too Much

When you're starting to date, you naturally wonder how much communication is too little, or too much. You definitely don't want to encourage clinginess, but you also don't want her to give up on you because you're "too emotionally unavailable." Here are some tips for striking the right balance.

Saying What Counts
In the beginning, phone calls are crucial. When you first start talking, calling her shows more of an effort and is the best way to ask her for a date. As you're getting acquainted, hearing her voice will help you connect with her and get to know her better - and vice versa. At least a few times a week, let her hear how funny you are and how much you enjoy talking to her.

Bridging the Gap
You both probably have busy schedules. So texting can help you get that thrill of hearing that she's still interested when it's not convenient to talk. Texting to ask how her day's going or to tell her something funny that happened will bring you closer. Plus, text flirting can add that spice that makes you think about each other all day long - until you can do more than flirt.

Knowing Your Limit
There are limits to texting, however. Working out the details of a date can be annoying over text. Negotiating time and place goes more smoothly when you can discuss your likes and dislikes. And don't overdo the frequency of texting. You don't want her to know every move you make. Because then when the thrill of your new hottie wears off, you'll regret that she expects a check-in every hour. And if a conflict arises, texts can be misread and misinterpreted. Talk it out!

Showing You Care
As the relationship progresses, let her know you're thinking about her by touching base when you're out with the guys or she's having a girls' night. A quick text or a call to talk about plans for the next day will accomplish your mission. Then she'll stop worrying about what you're doing without her. And she'll appreciate the statement it makes in front of your buddies.

So, keep in touch to let her know you care, but don't overdo the contact. You want to solidify your relationship without letting the neediness factor creep in. If you need a visual image, don't let your communication resemble links in a chain; instead keep those electrical currents flowing.

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