Kisses That Will Make Her Melt

Kisses are the entryway to an intimate relationship. If you get it right, the door is open wide. If your approach is off, however, you might not be so welcome in the future.

So, what does a girl want? She wants you to approach the kiss just as you would what follows in an intimate relationship.... You mean, you don't know? Read on.

Does She Want It?
First, make sure she'll welcome the smooch before you plant one on her. How do you tell? She'll lean toward you, look deeply in your eyes, and might even touch your arm or moisten her lips. If you see these signs, she's most likely craving the touch of your lips on hers. Get ready!

What Does She Want?
Don't ask permission to kiss her. She wants you to take action. Show her you desire her. Don't, however, go in for the lustful tongue-thrusting until you've laid a bit of groundwork. Kiss her lips to lips without overpowering her, but don't start out with just a peck. Soft and firm are the key words in the beginning. Then open and move those lips a bit and see how she responds. If she turns it into a peck and pulls away, you've got more work to do before moving on to the wet and wild version.

How Does She Want It?
Kiss her with your head slightly tilted compared to hers, and start out with medium pressure. Alternately increase the pressure and then ease off a bit. If she opens her mouth wider and grabs onto your shoulders or back, she's into it. Don't take this as a signal to take over her whole mouth with your tongue, however! Pay attention to the response; remember that give and take are important. Tease with your tongue and then back off so she can breathe once in a while. You want her to swoon over you, but not pass out!

Just as in the rest of the relationship, paying attention to your girl, what she's telling you without words and how she's responding to your moves will show her that she's more important to you than the ultimate outcome of this one encounter. So if you really want a chance to rev up the intimacy, make sure you communicate how you feel with your voice as well your lips, and respect her response.

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