Get Your Girl to Lighten Up

Dating and relationships can involve some serious stuff. But to get through all those serious discussions, you have to be able to lighten up once in a while. That's why one of the most important aspects of a relationship is a sense of humor.

Attraction Factor
Think about your friends and family members whom you most like to hang out with. They probably know how to make you laugh, right? The same holds true for dating. Women like to spend time with guys who know how to have fun. If you can make a woman laugh, she's going to end up smiling, and when she's smiling, she's enjoying herself and feeling good about you too.

Diffuse the Tension
The beginning of relationships can be stressful. You try to be on your best behavior, so you might be holding back a bit. But then your little quirks and flaws start coming to the surface. When hers start appearing too, you've both got some relationship tension to deal with. You wonder if she likes you, all of you, as she gets to know you better. A sense of humor can help you maneuver through the anxiety. If you can poke fun at yourself when you're taking things a bit too seriously, she'll appreciate your self-awareness and the effort to ease the tension.

Tread Lightly
As the relationship develops further (you hope!), you'll need your sense of humor even more. When you realize that her cute little quirks have become annoyingly obnoxious habits, you might start bickering more often. If you can make her sputter with laughter in the midst of an argument (while still showing her you care about the issue), you'll both come out winners. Be careful, however, not to employ your irreverent wit to make fun of her body, her personality, her friends or her family. Those off-limits jokes will never be funny and certainly will never be forgotten.

Pull Together
No matter when those tough spots crop up, find ways to share the lighter side of life with your sweetheart. Make a conscious effort to watch comedies on TV, see a funny movie or go to a comedy club. Belly laughing loosens up the body and can ease the emotional friction that arises in a relationship. When you view life with a twist, you're more likely to pull together and tackle those inevitable challenges with a smile. Then, in turn, you're more likely to spark that positive friction and tension relief that will make it all worthwhile.

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