Love Shack: A Lesson in Sexy Interior Design

You don't need to perform a complicated sex trick to spice up your sex life. Redecorating the bedroom, or even just rethinking the bedroom, can work wonders.

Why is hotel sex so much hotter than sex at home? There's something impersonal about having sex at a hotel, as if you are having an affair. Ellen Kreidman, author of "The 10 Second Kiss," offers some tips on how to redecorate the bedroom to make it look like a hotel. Clear the room of personal photographs, computers, and knick-knacks. Make the bed with sheets that are at least 200 threads per inch. After sex, lounge around in fluffy robes drinking from mini bottles of booze. We recommend moving the television into the bedroom, and watching some erotic video.

Don't have the money to pull that off? You can master the art of sexy feng shui by changing your mental approach to sex in the bedroom. Avoid having sex on the bed itself. You can reach new heights of pleasure by trying new positions on chairs, standing, or bending over desks.

Talking out loud with your lover, imagine a sexual use for every item in the bedroom. What could you do with that lamp? At one point during intercourse would you reach over and turn on the radio? How could you incorporate the dresser into sex?

Now do what you've imagined. Have some form of sexual contact in each spot and on each piece of furniture. Move from the chair to the closet to the desk during sex. Your lover could just drape a leg over a chair, tempting you from across the room. Chairs also offer the perfect height to assist in oral delights. Every time you walk into your bedroom from then on, everything in it - not just the bed - will remind you of sex.

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