Make Sex Fun Again

Okay, sex never really stopped being fun, exactly. But after a day of workplace tedium, a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen and your list of when-else-will-I-get-this-done errands to run, sex can sometimes seem like just another thing to check off the to-do list.

If you suspect your sex life is suffering from the day-to-day demands of adulthood, it's time to lighten up with a very grown-up playdate.

Let the games begin.

Booty Fun Booster #1: Make a Rule

One simple way to initiate playtime is to make up a rule during your session in the sack. Make it a "no hands" or "lips only" night and play accordingly. Don't forget to create an appropriate punishment for rule breakers.

Booty Fun Booster #2: Create Your Own Game

A standard deck of cards can be the catalyst for extended foreplay, when you designate each suit with a sexy action. So, for example, drawing a 10 of hearts would mean you get 10 minutes of oral pleasure. Or create four cardboard spinners (you can get those spinable arrows at office supply stores). Mark one with an action (kiss, lick), another with the body part you'll do it with (lips, fingertips), how you'll do it (gently, passionately), and where you'll do it (breasts, stomach).

Booty Fun Booster #3: Go Toy Shopping

Let the childhood thrill of the toy store follow you into adulthood by shopping for sex toys. Don't be intimidated: There's plenty of fun for everyone, including chocolate body paints, flavored oils and sexy lingerie. You can always work your way up to buying those handcuffs.

Booty Fun Booster #4: Play a Grown-Up Version of a Kid's Game

Chances are, you learned a lot about sex through games as a kid. Use that as your inspiration for mature versions of "doctor," spin the bottle, strip poker, or truth or dare. Or play a regular board game...naked. A four-hour Monopoly marathon is guaranteed to be more fun with your clothes off.

Booty Fun Booster #5: Place a Wager

You can also add some sexy fun to the rest of your day by placing a racy wager on the outcome of some event. Even processing your taxes can (almost!) be fun, if there's a night of passion at stake for whoever finishes first.

With these kinds of games, everyone's a winner.

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  • Wanna see some pictures of my kids?
  • Wow, a rose on a stick! And I'm just a thorn . . . Do you realize we're beautiful together?