Do You Need a Male Makeover?

Are you feeling like maybe your looks are not sending the right message when it comes to attracting women? Maybe a male makeover could help.

Women get makeovers on a whim. They can go to the cosmetics counter and ask for a new look. They can color their hair or get a new style. They can get plastic surgery to enhance their assets or minimize their flaws.

What can you do to improve your confidence and attraction factor?

Pay Attention
When you're going out with friends, do you usually throw on a semi-clean shirt and the jeans you've worn only three times, not paying a lot of attention to the overall look that comes across when you walk into a room? If this is your typical approach to a night on the town, you might want to rethink it. Take a note from women and lay out a few alternatives--shirts and pants--on your bed. Look critically at them and think about the kind of aura your want to give off. Once you find the best pieces, pick shoes that will blend or improve the look rather than stand out in an awkward way.

Update Your Wardrobe
If you start looking a bit more critically at what you plan to wear, you might find that your options are severely limited. In that case, ask your sister or another woman friend to go shopping with you to tailor your wardrobe for dating attraction. You can even ask women in the stores for an opinion if you're trying on a new shirt and you're not sure if it's your color or style. They love to give clothing advice! And who knows, you might just come across one who's unattached and is actually shopping for her brother. When updating your closet, you can start with one new shirt and one new pair of jeans or pants. Then gradually add an item or two each month. That way your new style can evolve as you figure out what works for you and what doesn't so much.

Monitor Your Grooming
Of course you need to shave before an evening out, unless you're sporting facial hair. Either way, careful grooming can make a difference. Sloppy hair or shaving sends a message that you aren't willing to make much of an effort to impress a woman. If your hair style or grayness make you look older than your age, consider some help from a salon. Also, pay attention to the nose and ear hair. Total turnoff for women! And don't forget the nice-smelling antiperspirant. You might even ask some close women in your life to tell you if you should try a different scent. With grooming, if your look isn't paying off, try different options until you settle on something that works better for you.

Consider Exercise
If you're a bit soft in the gut or flabby in the forearms, consider a new workout routine--or maybe any workout routine! Yoga can improve your balance and breathing, producing a calmer you. Weights can tighten and strengthen your muscles. Women tend to love the toned look, as long as you don't become an overblown version of yourself. Running or other aerobic activity can help you drop some pounds. So as long as you don't have any health issues, consider adding a new exercise routine. It could not only make you look better, but also help you feel better and improve your confidence.

Overall, if your appearance doesn't seem to be sending the message you want, seek advice from women, not men, about how to update your image. But as with all advice, consider a variety of opinions and pick and choose which suggestions you want to follow and which ones you want to ignore. After all, your goal is still to be yourself, just the slightly improved version that women find hotter!

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