Beware: Married and on the Make

When someone is sooo interested in you that you feel extremely special, it's easy to fall into the dreamy, “we're meant for each other” state. Then you find out your “soul mate” is already married...but very unhappy. Yeah, sure. You've heard that before, haven't you?

Don't fall for it! If the person is so unhappy with their spouse, why are they still married? You don't want to be the one to spark the urge to split, do you?

Flattering Flirting
Okay, maybe you do. Maybe you feel so flattered that this extra-special person adores you so much that getting out of the marriage is finally a realistic goal. But is it? Really?

Maybe your would-be lover really is planning to leave a long-unhappy marriage and become free to get into a relationship with you. Let's say that does actually happen. Will you be able to trust this person? They cheated on their spouse to start up with you. So what happens when your relationship gets a bit stale and someone exciting and different comes along to spark a new level of interest?

Plus, if children are involved, you'll always be the evil temptation that split up their parents' marriage--at least in the kids' eyes. Starting a new relationship is hard enough without those bad vibes attached.

Nix the Naughtiness
If you've got a prospective lover who's married and on the make, the best step to take is a step back. Tell your suitor in no uncertain terms that you're not up for starting up with someone who's not finished with their bonds of matrimony.

Even a separated lover often has their head in a confusing place. So why would you want to put your heart on the line with someone who hasn't even shown the initiative to split yet? Saying it's over and legally ensuring that it's over are two very different things.

Show respect for yourself, your feelings and your relationship goals by rejecting this lukewarm offer. Find a partner who's truly free and freely shows loyalty and affection. Don't shortchange yourself with someone who has one foot in the door and one foot headed back home to the spouse.

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