The Lure of the Older Woman

The older woman has a fascination that draws men in. What is it that makes you want her? You're attracted to her confidence. You're intrigued by the thought that she's had more experience in the bedroom. What else is involved in this age-related phenomenon?

Holding on Loosely
The woman who's been through some relationship turmoil knows she can survive. She knows that she doesn't need a guy to be complete, but she wants him...if he's the right guy. She's not clingy because she's checking you out too. She's making sure you live up to her standards before she fully opens her arms and her heart. So even though her lack of clinginess is attractive, don't be fooled. It's your window of opportunity to prove that you're worthy of a tighter embrace.

Stimulating Your Brain
Because an older woman has had more life experiences, she's more interesting at the dinner table. She's got more going on than shopping and bar hopping. She's been places and has captivating stories to tell. She's learned some life lessons and can share them with you. She also knows how to listen. She really wants to talk to you and hear what drives you.

Exuding Experience
Yes, she's also enticing because she's had more experience in the bedroom. She's likely to communicate better and follow your lead. She's more open to trying new moves and knows what she needs to take it to the ultimate level. She may even lead you in some new directions you've never been to before.

Defying Desperation
You're also charmed by her confidence. She definitely isn't desperate for marriage and babies. She's looking for a partner, not a savior. She has come into her own physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. She wants you to make her life more fun and fulfilling.

Craving a Connection
Although you can be charmed by all these factors that make an older woman more fascinating, don't forget that she's still a woman. She's still sensitive and afraid of getting hurt. She's felt that stab of betrayal, and her cool demeanor is somewhat self-protective.

So if you find that all this mature allure is what you want long-term, you'd better step it up a level yourself. She may pick up a boy toy for a fling, but ultimately she wants a mature man who can give and take, and give her independence a break once in a while. Handle her with care!

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