Flirting Tips for Men

You might be a successful, good-looking man, but if you can't flirt your way out of a bag, you're probably pretty lonely in there. Flirting, which is positive body language and lighthearted bantering, is one of the best ways to get to know a woman -- and figure out if she has a sense of humor. Here are some flirting tips from the opposite sex that will help get you noticed:

Smile: It may seem that women are attracted to the dangerous types, but a toothy grin will get you in (or at least much further along than a furrowed brow). Once you've spotted someone you want to talk to, throw her a genuine smile before walking over.

Maintain eye contact: While you're talking to a woman, keep your eyes locked on hers. No matter what your mouth is doing, you're not going to win any points if you're scanning the room for other targets.

Repeat her name: While talking to her, work her name in there. Just a couple of times -- enough to let her know that you're trying to figure out who she is. She'll feel flattered.

Compliment: Yes, as shallow as it may be, we like to hear that we're pretty, dressed well, smart, have terrific hair and smell good.

Be playful: Not to be confused with silly. Women want a man who makes them laugh -- with words rather than farting noises or tricks.

Be confident: Not to be confused with cocky. You can exude subtle confidence by encouraging her to talk. When telling her about yourself, be positive (even if right now your job is miserable).

Lightly touch: Gently brush her arm or leg or tweak her earlobe. It's sexy and frisky without being overbearing.

Have fun: Enjoy yourself. Laugh -- remember this is supposed to be fun! If you feel uncomfortable, don't force the situation. She's probably feeling the same way and is, most likely, not the girl for you.

Leave her wanting more: Always bid your adieu slightly earlier than might be expected.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Wanna come over to my place and play poker?
  • Do you go out with ex-cons?
  • I had sex with someone last night. Was that you?
  • Only you could convince me to shave my back.
  • Wanna wrassle?