Men That Drive Women Wild Have...

There's an entire cottage industry - magazines, books, researchers, counselors - dedicated to discovering what women want. We can't admit we know all the answers ourselves - some girls swoon over the strong, silent type and others fall for the sensitive artist. But there are some things all great men have in common. Those guys that never have trouble getting the girl have....

An Attention Span Longer Than a Beer Commercial

It's about more than asking her about her day and turning down the volume on the television to hear the answer. It means you actually listen to her, instead of nodding and grunting occasionally. You pay attention to the little details, like whether she's lost weight or lightened her hair. You remember the name of her beloved childhood pet. And, more importantly, you remember what you were doing last night in bed that made her sigh and smile and you'll do it again soon.

A Spine

Here it is, folks, the explanation of the nice-guy vs. bad-boy phenomenon. It isn't that women aren't attracted to "nice guys"; it's that we're not attracted to those overly agreeable puppy-dog kind of men. Be nice - remember our birthdays, respect our parents, be kind to fluffy woodland creatures - but have a spine. Don't agree with every single thing we say, don't answer all our questions with "whatever you want, honey," and last but not least, don't ever ask permission to kiss us.

A Healthy Sense of Adoration

You can probably slack off in the other departments if you're good enough at this one. No woman can resist a man who cherishes her (provided you're not suffocating her). Telling her you love her is just the minimum requirement. To really sweep her off her feet, you need to admire her strengths, express your gratitude in having her near, and be downright worshipful in the bedroom on a regular basis.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Let's get drunk and freaky!
  • Could I bring you a fan? You look really hot to me.
  • Hey, babe. Nice tooth.
  • I see something sexy, and it's not me this time.
  • I'm not drunk. You intoxicate me.