Do You Dance to a Different Beat?

Is your sweetie a rap lover while you're a hip-hop hater? Does one of you swoon over classical symphonies while the other relishes a blast from the past via classic rock? Differing musical tastes don't necessarily have to cause a cacophony of problems for your relationship, but they can set the tone for harmony or discord.

For many of us, music is the soundtrack to our lives. Problems can arise when one person despises the type of music another adores.

Just because you and your sweetie dance to different beats doesn't mean you have to beat it. As long as you're both flexible, you can bridge these differences.

Music can be a metaphor for your relationship, so step lively! Here are some lessons to learn about music and mating.

M&M #1: Be tolerant of your lover's musical moods.
So you think Taylor Swift is the best singer ever and your sweetie loves heavy metal like Kill Devil Hill? If your musical tastes are that different, you'll have to agree to disagree--and maybe never to play music in each other's company again. No matter what, be respectful and don't bash your baby's tastes. If you were exactly the same, life would be boring.

M&M #2: Explore new genres.
If you two are immersed in very different genres, try something totally out of character. Explore unusual artists on music sites that suggest new tunes and see if you can find something unexpected that thrills both of your eardrums.

M&M #3: Recognize discordance.
But seriously, you might have a problem if you really have no shared musical interests that you can enjoy together. If you're into a fast beat and your honey likes it slow and chill, you might have such a large personality gap that you have trouble bridging it. The sounds that thrill you are a part of who you are. You can't deny it and shouldn't change it for your lover. If your sweetie can't appreciate that important aspect of what makes you tick, then you might need to dance on out of that relationship.

There's nothing wrong with dancing to different beats. But at some point you want to write your own soundtrack as a couple, don't you? How many of your greatest memories are marked by songs that remind you of that time in your life? Seek someone who can sing in harmony with you and has the potential for you to make beautiful music together.

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