Be the "Nice Guy" She'll Actually Date

One of the great mysteries of dating (right up there with "why doesn't he call when he says he will?" and "why does it take her three hours to get ready for a date?"), is the Nice Guy vs. Bad Boy phenomenon.

There's a misunderstanding here between a guy who's a "challenge" and a guy who's just a cad. Here's how to win over women like a player - without being one.

Bad Boy Behavior #1: Confidence

If you can't grasp this one, no other advice we can give you will help you get laid. Whatever you need to get it - pre-date pep talks, therapy, or just picturing her with some kind of deformity - you need to act confident. You want to own whatever room you're in, standing up straight, being quick with a relaxed smile, giving off "I'm a sex machine" vibes. Just stop short of actually saying, or even implying, this out loud.

Bad Boy Behavior #2: A Little Less Consideration

Remember how you made fun of the girls you liked back in grade school? This still works! Don't be so eager to please that you find yourself gushing over her every sparkling observation or apologizing for every little thing. Go ahead and make fun of her bad 80s jukebox picks or her fruity umbrella drink.

Bad Boy Behavior #3: Compliments

The trick here is to make it about anything besides her appearance. No matter how true it is that she has a beautiful smile or sexy eyes, she'll assume you're just trying to get her in the sack. Instead, pay attention during your conversation and compliment her character. Witness the difference between, "You look hot in that dress," and "You have a great sense of style."

Bad Boy Behavior #4: Wing It

Forget the wingman, what you need is a wingwoman. Don't worry that she might assume you're dating. If anything, a little competitive drive might work in your favor. When she sees a guy with a good gal pal, she assumes you're fun, genuinely enjoy female company (for nonsexual pursuits) and that you'll probably not be a total jerk in the morning.

Bad Boy Behavior #5: Laugh It Up

Sharing a few laughs is actually a better indicator of your pickup success than sharing kisses. If you've got her giggling, she's having too much fun to worry about whether you're trying to get into her pants. (Meanwhile, using only those oily, super-suave seduction moves will always, always put her on the defensive.)

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  • Don't I know you from somewhere? I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.
  • Do you go out with ex-cons?
  • I've got $10!
  • Are you an angel, or are you just here for sex?
  • I must be in heaven because you're an angel!