Resist the Kiss and Tell

When you've got a great girl and you want your friends to know how great she is . . . sharing can be dangerous. No - we're not talking about swinging here! We're talking about your tendency to kiss and tell.

Keep the Fire Burning
When she's hot, you've got to be cool. Of course your buddies can tell she's smokin'. But that doesn't mean that you need to describe in detail how she lights your fire. OK, maybe you and the guys can't resist talking about the frequency of the mattress dancing. But what about that special spot that rocks her world? Her preferences and exciting techniques are off limits for the male bonding time. Why? Because if she gets wind of your revelations, she most likely won't be practicing those special techniques on you anymore.

Keep Secrets Safe
If she opens up and talks about what went wrong in her past relationships, she doesn't want your buddies hearing those details. She's trusting you with her vulnerabilities - not them. You know your friends like to yank your chain. So don't give them the chance to get you into hot water by bringing up some tidbit about your girl's past choices at exactly the wrong moment.

Keep Quiet
Don't forget that the kiss and tell works both ways. If she knows you're spilling sensitive details to your friends, what do you think she'll be doing with your personal info? Her girls will know your size, shape and how well things are working - or when they're not! If she's got a tattoo or birthmark that she doesn't want anyone to know about? Share that and your buddies won't be able to resist dropping hints to her or joking about it. Then you won't be getting a glimpse of that special feature anytime soon!

So . . . no matter how great your private time with your girl is, keep what goes on behind closed doors locked down when you're with your friends. They'll be begging to know why you are smiling so much . . . but just keep them guessing.

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