Assessing Your Odds When You've Got a Valuable Pair

Sometimes, maybe rarely, a girl gives you “the look.” You may not be sure it's “the look,” because you're a guy and you just don't always pick up the signals correctly. But you're pretty sure she is giving you the look. And her girls are looking over at you too. She's attractive and you're interested for sure. decide to take a chance.

You step up and introduce yourself. And you step in, knee deep. The girl who was giving you the look is pretty and nice. But her friend is even nicer. And the more you talk to both of them, the more you find that you have more in common with the second girl.

Getting to Know Two
As the conversation heats up, you know you've hit it off. But with which one? Both girls are pretty cool, and easy to talk to. You've got a pair of aces in your hand, but you're not sure which one to play.As the evening wears on, you feel a much stronger attraction to the friend rather than the initial eye-catcher. So how do you gracefully ask for a phone number without alienating both girls?

Making the Play
This happened to a friend of mine recently, and he strategically put his phone on the bar between both girls and said something like, “Well, let me get your number so we can hang out this weekend.” He was trying to hedge his bets and see which girl would give him her number. Plus he didn't want to be rude and turn them both off.

It turns out that the initial girl with the “come hither” stare also realized that he was connecting with girl #2 on a deeper level. So she gracefully motioned for him to get her friend's number. He breathed an inner sigh of relief, flashed her a grateful smile and got the digits of the girl he was most interested in.

Things don't always work out so smoothly. But with a little bit of intuition, a lot of instinct and the diplomacy of a U.S. ambassador, you can make this scenario work for you too.

Here are the tips. Treat both girls with attention and respect. Be yourself. Show your feelings as you're talking so that your interest is as clear as you can politely make it. Say something like, “I'd like to get your number so I can hang out with you all again.” But look first and longest at the girl you're most interested in. Then glance at the other girl as you look back at your phone. That way you're including them both in your request but letting your main attraction know where your interest lies.

Gauging Interest
However, what counts equally as much is whether the object of your attention is as interested in you. If so, then things will likely work out, and you'll have her number by the end of the night. If not, you'll get some vague response and the uncomfortable pauses will begin. If that happens, extricate yourself from the situation quickly, but don't go too far away.

Go back to hang with your friends while keeping the lines of attention open. Glances and smiles are good. If both girls are interested in you and a battle is beginning, then let them come to you. If your girl wants to get to know you better, she'll happen to walk near you and allow for the conversation to continue.

Then you can make your move without insulting her friend. That's important because down the road her friend could be your best ally or your worst enemy, depending on how you handle this situation.Tread carefully now and you might be walking on air later.

In these tricky situations with friends involved, you have to make strategic moves if you want to win hands down. So play those cards right!

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