5 Profile Mistakes Online Daters Make

While you think your oh-so-witty profile may describe you as the great catch you are, your fellow online daters may have noticed some things that have made them think twice before chatting you up.

Are you making any of these profile slip-ups?

Your Username Sucks

No matter how funny it seemed when you picked it, please know that no self-respecting online dater is going to be interested in "hornyguy69" or "urlilprincess." Many dating site surfers may skip your profile completely if your screen name screams sex, insanity or insincerity.

You Post a Bad Picture - Or None at All

Pictures are non-negotiable; you must have one. According to researchers, a profile with just one picture will receive five times as many replies as one without. And the more pictures you have, the more responses. But choose your pictures wisely; an obscured photo is no better than none at all. Find a picture that shows you at your best and leaves nothing important to guesswork.

You Forget Your Audience

The purpose of your profile is to do more than just capture your personality - you're trying to attract a potential partner, remember? Write what's most likely to appeal to your audience. Ladies, don't compose a profile gushing about your love of collecting teddy bears and your search for a "white knight." Guys, turn off the negativity and the macho sexy talk.

You Put It All Out There

Think of your profile as a first date. You want to remain positive, look interesting, and still retain a little mystery (that means keeping the personal issues-sharing to a minimum). Use the rule of all good writing: show, don't tell. Instead of saying you're funny or kind or generous, tell a story describing a time you were one of those things.

You Sound Too Picky

Sure, we all want someone hot and funny and smart. But don't let your profile go on and on about the traits your ideal mate must possess. Open your mind a bit and list just a handful of things most important to you. Be especially careful about listing the age, height and build of your preferred match. You'll get a few raised eyebrows (but no messages) if you're 40 and only willing to date someone 10 years your junior, or if you specify fitness buffs when you've clearly not been to the gym yourself lately.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Can I lick that film off your teeth?
  • Only you could convince me to shave my back.
  • Do you believe in the hereafter? Then I guess you know what I'm here after!
  • I'm not like all the other guys.
  • I'm not a music teacher, but I can make you sing like a choir.