Are Your Quirks Hurting Your Relationship?

Your honey might have thought your tiny obsessions and idiosyncrasies were cute when you first got together, but there are some habits that could drive anyone crazy. Are you endangering your relationship over a few quirks?

You're Too Neat

There's nothing wrong with keeping things tidy, but if you're following your lover around the house with a bottle of Lysol, you may be taking things too far. To your partner, neat-freak tendencies look controlling. Not to mention all the quality time with your sweetie you're missing because you have to wash the dishes immediately after dinner.

You Never Say No

Do you let your boss talk you into working late too often? Do you find yourself agreeing to a pal's plans when you didn't really want to? Letting yourself do too much for others means you have less time to share with your (now bitter) partner. If it helps you say honestly, "I'm sorry, I can't, I already made plans," pencil in all dates with your sweetie, even if it's just to stay in and give the dog a bath.

You've Got a One Track Mind

Having a passion about something is a supremely attractive quality, but having tunnel-vision about a particular interest could mean you're overlooking your lover. Training for a marathon? Great. But if your lover's eyes glaze over when you mention carb intakes or you catch his or her eyes roll when you head out for a run, you might want to make sure you spend a little time nourishing your relationship.

You Never Shut Up

It's great that you feel close enough to share everything with your sweetie, but if you're chattering all the time, can your partner contribute to the conversation? Happy couples listen as well as talk.

You're a Drill Sergeant

You might impress your coworkers with your ability to fit everything into your days, but over planning every detail leaves out your honey. If you routinely fill your calendar with plans for the both of you - without consulting your partner - expect some resentment... or worse.

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