5 Ways She Rates Your Sex Appeal

First impressions count, when you interview for a job or when you first meet a woman. So what does a woman consider during those first few moments of conversation?

  1. The body makes the man. Women consider how you take care of your body to be a sign of how you'll take care of them. And, quite simply, like you, women want to be with someone good looking. But there's hope for those who need to drop 10 pounds. A woman may disregard your body shape if she digs your sense of style. So read men's magazines to determine what type of clothing matches your personality. Are you an office guy? Dress in suits. A skateboarder? Wear a T-shirt and khakis. A nature lover? Throw on a flannel shirt and jeans. If she can pigeonhole your style, she'll be able to pinpoint your personality and determine if you're someone she wants to be with.

  2. Smart off. A woman will overlook a man's body or clothing entirely if he's charming and witty enough. Brush up on current events. Always have a few jokes on hand to tell.

  3. Earn an A for attitude. Ever met a negative Nelly? Neither have we. That's because Nelly is a female name, and most women tend to have positive outlooks on life. Why would a woman want to be with a guy who's depressed? So when you meet a woman, smile. The only thing women hate more than negative guys? Cocky men.

  4. GOOOOAAAALLL! Each woman wants something different out of life. Don't fool yourself into thinking they all want a house in the 'burbs. Some women just want a guy who's fun to have some beers with. Others want a guy who plays bongos. During your first conversation with a woman, try to give her a subtle hint about your future plans. Note the key word: Subtle. She doesn't need a PowerPoint presentation.

  5. A kiss is not just a kiss. Unless it's New Year's Eve, chances are you won't kiss a woman when you first meet her. But if the relationship develops in that direction, remember that your first kiss gives her an impression of your skills in the sack. Don't leave so much saliva on her face that you have to let her borrow a hanky. Don't stick your tongue down her throat. Start off the kiss by softly pressing your lips against hers. Flicker your tongue occasionally inside her mouth. And don't neglect every woman's secret erogenous zone: the neck.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I've been undressing you with my eyes all night long, and think it's time to see if I'm right.
  • Your name must be Campbell 'cause you're Mmm! Mmm! Good.
  • Let's get drunk and freaky!
  • I've got $10!
  • I only thought about you once today--I just never stopped.