No Translator Needed: Read Her Body Language

When you see a woman across the room and feel that attraction, you know it immediately. Next, you wonder if she's interested in you too. Learn to read a woman's body language and you'll have a better chance of connecting.

If you catch her looking directly at you . . . your face, your mouth, your eyes, your chest . . . for more than a second or two, then she's checking you out. If her eyes return to your face and remain there, then she's interested in talking to you.

Get a Better View
Once you approach her and start talking to her, see how she responds to the conversation. If she half turns away and looks around the room, then she's not enticed. However, you might be able to draw her attention back to you by making her laugh and asking questions to get her talking. Depending on how she responds, you can either move in closer or cut your losses and move on.

If she has her hips turned toward you and her shoulders leaning in, she's most likely attracted to you. Is she smiling? Are her eyes alight? Does she flip her hair back? She wants you to notice how attractive she is too.

Get to Know Her
So, let's say you make it to the first date. How do you tell if she's really interested? When you're talking for a bit, if her eyes wander frequently and she's leaning away from you in her chair, you're faltering. If, however, she teases you or touches you, she's definitely interested.

Pay attention to her arms and legs also. If she's turning her feet away from you, that's not a good sign. Neither is crossing her arms tight across her chest or stomach. However, everyone gets tired and awkward at moments, so don't read something into every move. Arm crossing, yawning, fidgeting - they're all natural in the course of a conversation, just not for too long.

Get Ready for More
When she's attracted to you, she'll find ways to let you know it. She'll bump into you, nudge you with her elbow or touch you on the shoulder. She'll also place her hand in an accessible place or lean her shoulder near yours, so you'll know she's ready for hand holding or your arm around her.

When she gazes into your eyes like she really wants to know you, she's into you. Her body language is telling you she's ready for a deeper conversation. Be careful! Before you know it, you might both be speaking the language of love, or at least lust (wink, wink).

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