Resolve to Have a Better Relationship

Each of us wants and deserves a relationship that is satisfying in every way--emotionally, physically and mentally. We want a sweetheart that makes us feel loved, admired and secure. We want a honey we can have fun with, inside and outside the bedroom.

Yet when things keep going wrong, we often complain and blame the most recent ex or the long-lost lover. She was too critical...he was too insensitive...she was an ice princess...he was a player. What about taking a look in the mirror?

It's're awesome! But not perfect. Resolve to do something different this time and this year to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Think about how you can make every month a holiday for you and your honey. Holidays should be about spending time together, learning from those who came before us, being thankful for what we have and sharing meals that make us smile.

So here's a recipe for celebrating a new kind of relationship as you start fresh.

Relationship Resolution #1
Communicate for understanding. You hear it; you know it; but can you do it? Communicate with your honey if you want a positive vibe. Don't let things simmer--whether it's a need to share the chores more or a need to share more lust. Talk about it! Talk about it in an “I want you to understand how I feel” kind of way rather than a “I want you to do better because you're driving me crazy” kind of way. Explain your feelings and explain your desires.

Relationship Resolution #2
Take time. We're all so busy during the day, and when we get home we just want to relax and have fun. If you want to stop rushing and start relaxing, spend time together preparing a meal, chilling on the sofa, doing outdoor activities and especially doing indoor activities. Show your sweetie that the most important thing is for you to be together and connect.

Relationship Resolution #3
Get out! A complement to spending time together is spending time apart. The relationship stays fresher when you have your own time to reconnect to your sense of self without your honey hanging on your arm. Go out for walks by yourself. Go out with friends. Go out and take a class. Do something that reminds you of who you are at heart. You can give more of yourself when you've replenished your internal energy.

Relationship Resolution #4
Laugh about it. Keeping a sense of humor is so important to any successful relationship. Nothing goes perfectly all the time. When you can joke and tease a bit, you release those good feelings that help you roll over the rough spots.

Relationship Resolution #5
Show your sexy. Whatever makes you feel sexy, do it! Remind yourself and your lover of your sensual side. Dress up or take it off--whatever works for you. Put yourself out there more. Let your lover know what a special touch can do for both of you. Experiment a bit when you're feeling spicy and comfortable. If you take some chances in the bedroom, you can reap the rewards together.

If these resolutions don't quite work for you, make your own list. The important thing is to give your bond some fresh attention. Start a new season with some new reasons to smile, and you'll both be oh-so-happy you did.

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