Reroute Those Regrets

So you thought you were making a quick connection with your eyes wide open. You thought you wanted a physical fix with no expectations. But after....

You realize you were wishing for more. More than a physical release. More of an emotional connection. More than mutual satisfaction for one night.

Rethink the Results
Pay attention to your mind and body. Even if the physical activity was good, your heart and brain might be complaining. You feel dissed even though you got what you wanted. The diss is the resulting disappointment and disconnection that comes after the hookup. Now what?

You wonder why you opened yourself up to this person who obviously doesn't care about you. You thought you didn't care either. But everyone wants to be wanted. So how do you avoid letting that happen again?

Put Your Guard Up
Write up a checklist of what you want in a relationship. Read it before you go out to a club. When your physical attraction kicks in next time, turn on that mental red alert light.

Ask your best friend to remind you of your list when the chemistry spills over. You're not likely to be appreciative at that moment, but later on you will. In the heat of the moment, that one iota of doubt might be enough to cool your jets and help you come to your senses.

Chill Out
In the future, make a rule to spend some time dating before making a beeline for the bedroom. Hold hands. Snuggle on the sofa. Talk about your life passions, not just your bedroom passion. Make sure you share a close emotional connection before you get so close physically. You should feel good holding hands and kissing your sweetie before you hold tight under the sheets.

Tune in to your head and your heart if you want a morning filled with bright potential. Otherwise, the morning after is going to be filled with mourning for what you did the night before.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Let's get drunk and freaky!
  • If you were on the menu at McDonald's, you would be a happy meal.
  • Is your last name maple? I could have sworn you're as smooth as syrup.
  • Hi, are you here to meet a nice man, or will I do?
  • Congratulations! You've been voted "Most Beautiful Girl in This Room," and the grand prize is a night with me!