Romantic Things She Can Do

Estrogen enables women to be the romantic creatures that they are. Constantly keeping men on their toes with the ever-popular feminine mystique, women are usually skilled in the art of love. While they have guys beat with the Venus thing, women still have a few areas to improve upon.

Learn how to take a compliment. Picture it: You're on a date with your crush, and he tells you that your dress looks great. You come back with the tired line about how it was on sale or "this old thing?" It's harder for guys to compliment you than you think - make it easy for us by accepting our kind words.

Ease up. You've decided to cook a nice dinner for a date. He's waiting for the main course, and while you're listening to music (and locking eyes), you burn the dinner. Ouch! So many women would think their date was ruined. But all is not lost...remember to relax and laugh at yourself. He'll think it's much sexier.

Bring him flowers. You know the names of the fancy flowers. You have your favorite Internet flower shop in your Favorite Places. It's no secret that women love getting flowers, but did you know that your man probably does, too? A dozen roses will make him smile, and the birds of paradise is probably best to stick with the old favorites.

Learn to realize what he likes. Chances are he likes roast beef, football, and exotic sports cars. Does he like to have his face touched or his feet rubbed? What is his favorite scent? Paying attention to your man's likes and dislikes will help you in setting romantic moods and ultimately keeping him interested. Experiment by inviting him on adventures and sneaking touches here and there. Asking him works as well. He will be glad you care, and it may even prompt him to ask what you like.

Listen. Shhhhh. What's that you hear? It's your man, trying to tell you something. It is a fact that women tend to be chattier than men, and silence is often seen as a downer. Enjoy the silence and be polite when he has the floor. You might hear something irresistible escape from his lips.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You know, I'm only using pimping as a stepping stone to my rap career.
  • They might ask you to leave soon. You're making the other ladies in here look bad.
  • Wow, a rose on a stick! And I'm just a thorn . . . Do you realize we're beautiful together?
  • Drop the zero and get with a hero, baby.
  • Are you single, too? Or just beautiful?