Survive Scary Dating Moments

Racing, pounding heart, dry mouth, sweaty palms. Is it just us, or does dating often provoke the same physiological reaction as a horror movie? For all the warm fuzzies you can get from a good date, there are as many moments provoking a feeling more akin to panic than passion.

Here's how to get through the most nerve-wracking moments.

Fright Night Moment #1: Breaking the Ice

You're a palm-sweating, cotton-mouthed, fast-talking and eager-to-impress nervous wreck. But before you launch off into some mentally rehearsed witty banter or lame opening line, take a deep breath and try to be natural. Most importantly, though, just say something (a simple hello works here). The longer you agonize over what you're going to say, the more stilted you'll sound when you finally open your mouth.

Fright Night Moment #2: Getting the Digits

Many a man, desperate to close the deal, blows it in the final minutes of the game. Even if it might just be the last time you see her on earth, it's not a good time to no getting physical, declaring your undying love (or undeniable lust), or even just being too insistent about arranging a date. Just say it was nice meeting her and that you'd like to see her again, or is it okay to call her. If you talked about a common interest or hobby, mention getting together to do that. Or be really forward-thinking and just offer her your number. Then say goodnight and hope she calls.

Fright Night Moment #3: "So...."

You've gotten to the restaurant, discussed the menu, chit-chatted about the wine selection and now face that dreaded "So" moment. You know. The one that goes, "Soooooooo...." And then a dreaded silence while you struggle to come up with something witty to say next. It's no fun watching our date grope hopelessly for a topic. Worse, we hate feeling forced to fill awkward silences while our date stares off into space. Far better to come prepared with a few things to comment on - current events, the latest bad celebrity breakup - or some interesting "getting to know you" questions.

Fright Night Moment #4: First Kiss

The moments leading up to that first kiss can be the most exciting - and anxiety-inducing! - moments in your dating life. So much rides on that one smooch. To alleviate the pressure, don't put off that initial kiss until the end of the date. Find, or create, a good moment earlier in the evening. My best friend married the guy who kissed her right away on their first date, telling her that he had to right away or it would be all he'd think about the rest of the night.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You come on as strong as a garlic milkshake!
  • Don't I know you from somewhere? I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.
  • You didn't look this good three beers ago!
  • Damn, that skirt is working. What time does it get off?
  • I just painted my ceiling a new color . . . Wanna see?