A Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Well...maybe not everyone. If you're thinking about dating an ex-girlfriend, then you'd better have good vision - the ability to look back with insight and forward with enthusiasm.

Reflect on the Past
Before diving back into that pool, look carefully at the dangers ahead and the depth of your feelings for this girl. You might want to think about the pros and cons of your previous relationship with her. What went well? How did you feel when you were with her? What went wrong? Why did you split up? How did that breakup feel? If you can't recall a string of positive memories or the thrill of just being close to her, then maybe you'd better keep your distance - no matter how hot she looks now.

Rely on a Friend
It might also help to talk to a close friend who doesn't hate your ex. Ask your buddy about his impression of how you two matched up as a couple. As a close observer of the relationship, he might have some strong warnings or share some encouraging advice - like, don't flirt heavily with her best friend this time!

Plan for Improvement
If you decide to give it another try, make a plan for how you'll handle things differently. What did you learn about yourself and her in the time apart? Do you know how to communicate better? What steps can you take to give the relationship a better chance to succeed? And, seriously dude, if you're not looking for a relationship with her, then don't dip your, um, toe back into that water. After two rejections, who knows what anger might lurk below the surface!

Reuniting with an ex is definitely not a good idea if you're drawn to her only because she's familiar and available. You want to feel a strong pull to be together, be ready to learn from past mistakes and aim to bring out the best in each other this time. If you've got those going for you, then it's probably worth a second shot. Who knows? If all goes well and you still have great chemistry, the makeup session could be awesome!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • It's no big deal if you break my heart. I have three more at home in the freezer.
  • I lost my virginity. Can I have yours?
  • I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you.
  • You come on as strong as a garlic milkshake!
  • I'm not drunk. You intoxicate me.