Four Secrets You Should Keep Forever

Take It to the Grave!

Open, truthful communication is vital to a healthy relationship. That said, you don't have to air out all your dirty laundry when things get serious. There are a few subjects on which you should just keep your mouth shut.

How Much Your Friends Hate Him/Her

You think your new lover is the best thing to come along since cookie-dough ice cream. Your friends, unfortunately, do not share your opinion. Though you might feel coaxed by your partner to share your friends' judgments, stay mum on this one. Even if your friends eventually warm up, your lover will always feel uncomfortable around them and may even worry you'll eventually see things your friends' way.

How Often You Fake It

So, every time doesn't end with a bang? You're hardly in the minority. A mere (lucky) 29 percent of women claim they reach the big O every time, says the Kinsey Institute. And though more rare, men aren't guaranteed a grand finale, either. Sometimes you're both just tired, or feeling distant, or had a little too much wine with dinner. If it's just an occasional thing, it's no big deal. Why make your partner feel like a failure?

That Really Kinky Past

Sure, you're awfully proud of the x-rated seventh inning stretch you had at Fenway, or the wild night with those two college co-eds. But, unless you're recounting the exciting experiences you've shared with your current partner, they probably don't really want to hear it. Before you pour out your private life, ask yourself if it's really in your partner's best interest (like pertinent health information) or if you're just looking to brag.

Your Cheatin' Heart

Ah, the mother of all big, fat secrets. If it was in the past, one-time-only and you feel appropriately miserable about it, do not let your guilty little conscious confess your infidelity to your partner. Not only will it not make you feel any better, it will make your partner feel as bad as you do. At best, you'll have to endure plenty of bitterness; at worst, you'll find yourself single again. Don't risk it.

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