Desperately Seeking Attention

You're sooo into your sweetie and she seems very into you. But there's a problem. She flirts. Openly. Often. With many guys. In your face. What's the deal? She's out of bounds, and you need to understand why.

Flirting Foul #1: She's Disrespectful
When you're in a relationship with a woman and she openly flirts in front of you, she's being disrespectful of you. Tell her straight up that you expect her attention when you are together. If she can't show you that respect, then it's a deal breaker.

Flirting Foul #2: She's Got Self-Esteem Issues
If your girlfriend is constantly seeking male attention, then she's feeling something is lacking and needs reassurance. Unfortunately, your attention and reassurance aren't going to be good enough. She needs new and different guys to notice her and compliment her. Then she feels it's real and meaningful. If this is a strong and continuing issue, then unfortunately - or maybe fortunately in the long run - your relationship is not going to be very meaningful.

Flirting Foul #3: She's Got You Wrapped
If you're letting her get away with this flirty behavior in front of you, she's got you wrapped around her little finger. You need to get some emotional separation from this babe and show her that you won't tolerate this treatment.

Flirting Foul #4: She Throws a Pity Party
When she's in a dry spell and the attention's not forthcoming, she'll find something to make others feel sorry for her. She needs cheering up because her cat is sick. Or her boss yelled at her. Or her boyfriend doesn't understand her. Wait! That's you! Anyway, she'll find some way to play on other guys' emotions to get that attention she's so desperately seeking.

What can you do? Walk the other way. She's not going to change unless you show her that you're not putting up with her flamboyant flirting. And she's not going to respect you if you don't respect yourself and put an end to her games. If that doesn't work, find a woman who deserves your time and attention!

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