5 Things She Can Teach You About Sex

Behold the fountain of expertise lying beside you in bed.

She taught you a thing or two about kissing (where'd she learn that tongue-swirl technique?), introduced you to your now-improved sense of style and showed you the perfect scotch-to-water ratio.

There are a few more tricks up her sleeve if you'd just pay attention. What bedroom lessons can you learn from your babe?

Foreplay Is Not a Waste of Time

Good foreplay takes longer than the amount of time it takes to undo your zipper. We're talking at least 10 to 20 minutes of quality fool-around time here. If you're getting down and dirty without some kissing and heavy petting for, say, the length of your average sitcom, you're cutting yourself short.

Your Sex Life Happens Outside the Bedroom, Too

The health of your relationship out of bed has a very direct impact on what's happening under the covers. Women need to feel a positive connection with their lovers. Problems in a relationship often will eat away at your sex life, which is why she's always after you to communicate.

Being Attentive...Without an Agenda

One of the biggest mistakes men make is to only touch their gals when they want sex. That makes your lady feel resentful, not romantic. She places importance on nonsexual contact - all that hand holding, hugging and kissing that happens outside of foreplay. Think of it as an investment in your fornicating future.

Look Into Her Eyes

So maybe to you, all that gazing into each other's eyes sounds about as thrilling as sitting around talking about your feelings. But she's on to something. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love.

Slower Is Often Better

Ever notice that most of the steamiest movie scenes aren't actually sex at all? That's because to hit those oh-my-God peaks, you need to prolong the passion until it reaches a fever pitch. Draw out your foreplay routine by spending more time making out, slowly taking off each other's clothes or stroking each other at an agonizingly slow pace.

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