4 Signs She Wants Something More

Maybe you were next-door neighbors. Or work buddies. Whatever the case, you missed that early opportunity to date - and now you're stuck branded as the F-word.

Just good friends.

But according to a recent Glamour.com poll, 35 percent of women admit to having feelings for a friend, but never reveal these feelings. If you're ready to move this painfully platonic relationship into something real, here's how to tell if she's willing to join you.

Let's Get Closer Clue #1: She Nixes the Fix-Ups

If she's stopped saying, "I have the perfect girl for you," it could be because she's decided she does have the perfect woman for you. Her. Likewise, if she's stopped bugging you to hook her up with one of your single pals, it could mean it's you she's into (or that your friends are losers).

Let's Get Closer Clue #2: She's More - or Less - Hands On

Suddenly she's gotten touchy, tousling your hair and pulling you in for lingering hugs goodnight. Could be she's looking for more. A drop in the public displays of affection can also be a good indicator: If she's unexpectedly shy to your touch or kiss on the cheek, she might be worried you can see right through to her beating (lustful) heart.

Let's Get Closer Clue #3: She Gets Gussied Up

You used to veg on the couch on the weekends together in your grubbiest gear. But lately when she comes over, she's all freshly showered, smelling delicious. And is that lip gloss she's wearing? Sounds like she's trying to impress someone...

Let's Get Closer Clue #4: Her Jealous Streak Shows

You've always had pow-wows dissecting your dating lives. But now when you start giving details about the chick from last night, your friend is very busy picking apart her croissant, flake by flake. And when you mention how cute that girl across the room is, she responds along the lines of, "Really? I didn't know you were into the circus-freak type." That's classic jealous behavior.

With the right moves now, you can get your friend to see you in a whole new way. Like, naked.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You know, I'm only using pimping as a stepping stone to my rap career.
  • You don't smell so bad for a fat chick.
  • Are you Jamaican? 'Cause ja makin' me crazy.
  • Is your name Schnapps? You give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
  • I'll bet your smile can light up the whole room?Damn, I was wrong!