Single Dad Dating Dilemmas

When you're a single parent and you're dating, making your sweetie and your kids feel appreciated at the same time can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for tackling single dad dating challenges.

Wait to Introduce Them
When you first start dating a new woman, keep her separate from your children if at all possible. Make sure she is someone you want in your life for longer than a few dates before bringing her home to meet the kids. When you do introduce your girlfriend to your children, prepare both sides for what to expect. And keep the together time upbeat by planning some shared activity (might be as simple as cooking dinner at your place) that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

Give Her Undivided Attention
If you want to get to know your potential sweetheart, you'll need to have some real dates, away from the kids. Make sure to give yourself this adult time so that your date feels respected and so that you place appropriate importance on the dates. She'll need to be flexible with your schedule, so make her feel that her time with you is appreciated.

Put Your Kids First
As important as it is for you to have an intimate relationship with a special woman, it's even more important that your children know that they come first in your life. When your child is suddenly sick, you'll have to let your date know politely that you need a rain check. If she's the woman for you, she'll understand. If she doesn't, then the relationship isn't the right fit for you.

Nurture Intimacy
Although your kids come first, when they are not around, your woman comes first. Let her know that she's very important. Give her your attention and affection. When the relationship develops to that point, make sure that you have opportunities for intimate time without unexpected interruptions from the children. Bedroom time with your new love should be at a place where your kids can't drop by and inadvertently see something they shouldn't.

Spend Time Together
If you're finding that you want this woman in your life for a long-term relationship, then it's important that you help your children and your sweetheart get to know each other gradually. Plan dinners together at your place where it's casual and comfortable. Plan outdoor activities where you can interact naturally.

Through all of these stages and decisions, communicating with everyone about the changes in your lives will help smooth the transition. Let your sweetie and your children know how much you care about them. But also let your kids know how much you care about your girlfriend and vice versa. Ease into this new combination of relationships so that no one feels pressured. Don't expect group hugs and mutual adoration from the start. But do expect to nurture a comfortable blending of these people that you love.

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