Will She Sizzle in Bed?

That short skirt and mile-high heels she's wearing sure say something -- but it's no guarantee that she'll actually be a knockout in bed...with you. Fortunately, you don't have to wait until you're between the sheets to know if you're in for a sizzling good time, or a total snooze-fest.

Some indicators you can safely rely on.

She's Got the Answers

Beware the babe that answers all your questions with, "I don't care, what do you want to do?" A woman who knows what she wants, and says so -- even when you're just asking what she'd like to have for dinner -- is much more likely to be assertive in bed. You can bet she won't just lie there examining your ceiling while you try to figure out how to make her happy.

It's In Her Kiss

Cliche, perhaps, but only because it's true. And it's not just what her lips are up to, either. Does she use her hands? Press up close to you? Maybe even sigh appreciatively? All great signs. A great kisser -- and lover -- also knows how to create anticipation, by starting off sweet and slow and gradually getting more passionate.

She's a Foodie

There's a reason dinner factors so strongly in the dating scene. Food and sex are very related, say the experts. It's not so much what she eats, but how -- does she savor every bite or wolf it down without bothering to chew? And beware the prissy eater who hates messy foods, no matter how yummy. The best lovers eat wholeheartedly...and always make sure you're enjoying your meal, too.

You're In Sync

Tune into your conversations and accompanying nonverbal behavior to see if you're a match. If you're slow and steady, and she's a fidgety fireball, you're probably going to run up against a similar problem in sexual pacing. Similarly, if your body language is in sync -- your torsos are angled toward each other, for example, and you both pick up your water glasses at the same time -- you'll probably carry that harmony with you to bed.

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