Baffled by Your Girl's Snoozing Signals?

When you start sleeping with someone, you find out lots of dirty little secrets. Don't assume that your sweetheart is weird simply because you've never spotted these nighttime habits elsewhere.

Her quirks are what make her special, right? Yeah...sure.... But you've got your own set of strange behaviors too, don't you? I'm just sayin'....

Does She...
Sleep with a teddy bear? Lots of women haven't overcome their childhood connection to a blanket or stuffed animal. What gives? The familiar feel gives her comfort and helps her sleep more soundly. Sound slumber is good for you both. You don't want a tosser and turner, do you? And if you stick around long enough, you might just replace old Ted as her special snuggle buddy.

Does She...
Act out her dreams? If your girl moves her hands or feet when she's sleeping, her body might be mimicking her dream scenarios. Jerking or other sleep reactions are not unusual. You might want to stake out your own side of the bed, however, if she tends to act out violent nightmares. Be tolerant but seek assistance if her dream behavior inhibits your sleep.

Does She...
Snooze with the light on? That's not weird, but it's not good either. Studies have indicated that sleeping with the TV on or even with dim lighting in the bedroom can make someone more likely to suffer from depression and possibly even cancer.

Does She...
Wake up at an appallingly early hour? As much as you might hate it, that's a good sign. Studies show that early risers are more likely to be go-getters and problem solvers. They tend to use early morning hours to plan and exercise. All these factors can lead to a successful lifestyle.

As you learn these sleep-related quirks about your sweetheart, keep in mind that you have slumbering secrets of your own that you might not even know about. If you can tolerate her midnight mysteries, she might just favor you with some noontime nookie as well.

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