Surviving the So-So Setup

You're never sure what the outcome will be when you hear those famous words: "I've got a girl I want you to meet!" Will she be pretty but airheaded? Will she turn your stomach? Will she be a sarcastic and witty ice princess? Or will it be love at first sight?

When you're the object of a friend's fix-up, keep these survival tips in mind.

Don't Go on a Pity Date
You may be willing to try anything once. But make sure there's some attraction before agreeing to a second date. Don't give her false hope by going on a second date out of politeness or your spineless inability to hurt her feelings.

Do Remain Friendly
Remember, this is a friend of a friend. Don't go for the one-night stand. Do treat your date to respect and friendship, since you might run into each other again with your mutual acquaintance. You don't want to leave a wake that makes your friends steer clear of any future setups.

Don't Put Your Buddy in the Middle
Whether the date goes well or goes to hell . . . thank your fixer-upper friend. And definitely find something nice to say about your date. Your buddy thought you'd like her, so don't dis the one who dished out the date.

Do Learn Something
If you two just don't click, learn from the experience. Maybe you'll find you don't like high-maintenance women. Or that you really like the athletic type. Or that you want a girl who's curvy and cuddly. Share those lessons with your they'll do better next time!

Despite the disappointment, keep your head up. Even if this fix-up didn't float your boat, maybe the next one will rock your world!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I don't know if you are beautiful or not; I haven't gotten past your eyes yet.
  • Girl, if you were ice cream, I'd order two scoops.
  • You're so fine, you make me want to go out and get a job.
  • You don't smell so bad for a fat chick.
  • You'll do.