Suspend Superstition

Some of us will admit to having a tad bit of superstition ruling our lives. Maybe we say something is going great, and then knock on wood to avoid jinxing it. Maybe we speak with pride about a streak of success, but then have to add, “I've been lucky,” to keep from inviting disaster. Maybe we even go a bit further, avoiding walking under ladders or opening umbrellas inside the house because those are taboo.

These things don't really make sense, do they?

Nix the Games
So does it make sense to play games with your sweetheart and count the hours before you text back? Maybe and maybe not. You want to let your new honey know you're interested, but you still want to encourage the thrill of the chase. You don't want your sweetie to lose interest based on your lack of response, but you also don't want to show that you're hooked and the challenge is over. How do you find balance?

Think about what you would like to see happen. You'd like your honey to text back soon with interest, right? You'd like to have a positive dialogue, not a message that just sits out there, waiting for a response. So give what you want to get.

Bank on the Positives
With that in mind, does it make sense to say you're busy when asked for a last-minute date? Maybe and maybe not. You don't want someone treating you like an afterthought, right? But you need to recognize the other possibilities.

Sometimes someone wants to be with you, but obligations are getting in the way. Sometimes the stars shift and align, and then last-minute plans become possible. So you get the call. Do you embrace the opportunity and try to achieve a positive outcome? Or do you assume the worst and feed those negative feelings?

Turn Up the Heart
Does it make sense to avoid complimenting your sweetheart too much because you're afraid he or she will get cocky and seek attention elsewhere? What would you like to receive--lukewarm cautionary expressions of affection or heartfelt admiration?

If your true feelings scare off your lover, then it's not really meant to be is it? Of course you don't want to overwhelm your sweetie at the start of a relationship with expressions of love before the second date. But you also don't need to criticize and withhold affection because you're afraid your lover will lose interest once you're locked into the relationship high beams.

Make Your Own Luck
Everyone likes to hear how special they are. Everyone wants to know they are wanted by the object of their affection. Everyone wants mutual adoration.

So why is that so hard to give? Why is that dangerous? Perhaps it's more dangerous to withhold your true feelings. Then you might be jinxing yourself out of love by never giving it a chance to see the light of day and by dowsing that spark of passion. Express yourself, and you just might get lucky!

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