Take Your Love to a Deeper Level

So you're no stranger to hot, sweaty monkey sex. And while you've certainly got no cause for complaint, sometimes you'd like a little more depth to doing the deed. Have you considered getting a little tantric?

Tantra literally means "union," and its practitioners believe it creates a deeper connection between partners as they focus their attention on each other's "chakras," or energy centers.

Sound a little out-there? Make it manageable with this advice and you'll be heating up those chakras before you can say "om."

More Focus on Foreplay

Sweeter, soulful sex isn't about speed. Rather, it's about taking pleasure in every sensation. Take your time kissing and touching, and finding those secret erogenous zones you may have overlooked in your randier romps. You'll enrich the emotional experience in the sharing of such pleasure - and will get a better payoff at climax, to boot.

Take a Breather - Together

In tantric teaching, they call it connective breathing. Sounds like a lot of hot air, we know. But focusing on breathing in the same rhythm makes you more aware of your partner. Try sitting together naked, facing each other in each other's arms, touching everywhere possible, and breathe in and out together. Pay attention to your heartbeats and inhale and exhale in unison. You really will feel more connected.

Establish Visual Contact

While gazing soulfully into each other's eyes may seem cliché, it works. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love. And it's a hell of a lot sexier than staring over your lover's shoulder at the ceiling. By giving your partner such intense scrutiny, you'll feel like you're getting to know each other on a whole new level. Don't be surprised if it feels a little intense or makes you feel vulnerable at first. Soul-shaking sex is a little intense and vulnerable.

Slow the Action

While a quickie can be fun, slowing down the action - with all that delicious anticipation - can send you into an entirely new orgasmic orbit. You don't have to learn any new moves for this trick, just do what you'd normally do at less than half the speed. You'll not only stimulate your most sensitive spots, but the thrill of anticipation will force you to really focus on every feeling. There's no sexier way to explore the mind-body connection.

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