Ways To Deal With A Tease

Some women don't know what they want. One minute they're hot, the next they're cold. When it comes to relationships, there are no guarantees. It's a woman's right to change her mind ...and to flirt and to torture and to tease and to tease and to tease ...

So if you ever find yourself stuck in the same room with a women who will only let you get so close, remember the following bits of friendly advise. They could make the chase more interesting:

Call her Bluff
If the girl you're interested in seems like a tease, point it out to her. Say something like, "So, does everyone tell you you're a big flirt?" Again, the key to success is doing this in the most unassuming way possible and with a smile on your face, like you're too smart for her games. It'll disarm her. And remember to call her a flirt, not a tease. Most women will find the former cute and the latter offensive.

Know the Enemy
Start doing what she's doing. After all, two can play that game. She might actually find the whole thing amusing. If she does, you may get the girl after all.

Ignore Her
Don't take the bait by aggressively pursuing her. It'll just give her more reason to carry on. Ignoring a tease will sometimes make her more interested in you.

Keep Your Cool
Don't get your hopes up. Don't assume you're going to break a tease of her bad habits. You probably won't. Enjoy yourself, but don't expect much and you won't get disappointed.

If all else fails, and it may, start hitting on her friend. A tease occasionally needs a taste of her own medicine. It's a little vengeful, but so what? Maybe her friend will prove the better catch.

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