If You Can't Show, Then Tell

In every relationship, there are times when your girl is far away and you need that intimacy fix. When that happens, you have lots of options to keep the bond tight. Experiment with different ways to communicate how you feel about each other.

Make Your Words Work
Of course you're going to keep in touch with your unavailable girl by texting--that's a given. Just make sure you communicate with depth. In addition, sending photos with messages can keep your handsome face foremost in her mind when she's out and about without you. But there are other ways to make her think of you when you're out of sight too.

Whisper and Make Her Shiver
If you want to make her feel connected to you, a voice-to-voice phone call goes much further than a text to communicate in intimate ways. Hearing your voice will give her the good vibe--and, if you're lucky, that shiver of passion--she feels when she's near you. If you sweet talk her a bit, she can imagine snuggling up next to you much easier than when you're telling her how you feel over text.

When you're talking, you want her to feel the same range of emotions that she would feel in your physical presence. Describe the aspects of her personality--and maybe even her body!--that thrill you. Let her hear that sexy whisper you use to speak to only her when you're alone in the bedroom. Re-create the atmosphere that ignites your shared passion.

Share Some Live Action Shots
If you're apart most of the time because of distance, then you might want to take it to the next level so that you can reinforce your bond. Video chatting lets you see and hear your out-of-sight sweetie, so you're not out of your mind too.

Make sure you look sexy before dialing, and encourage her to do so also. She won't mind if you work out so that your muscles are bulging. When you schedule the call, you might ask her to wear a particular outfit you like. Remind her of when she wore it in person so that you conjure up that memory in her imagination. How far you go with dressing up or dressing down is up to you two grown adults (wink, wink).

No matter which options you use to maintain intimacy, show her that you're making an enthusiastic effort to reach out to her and make her feel close to you. Make her laugh and you'll feel her smile from miles away. Make her feel touched, and you'll be gratified by her reaction. When you take time to tell your girl how you feel, you're showing her in the best way you can that she's important to you even when you can't be together.

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