Sharpen Your Tools of Temptation

When you're working your magic to attract women--whether you're doing the online dating thing or meeting face to face--do you sometimes get the feeling your efforts are falling flat?

If so, you need to take a critical look at your tools of temptation and man up where necessary.

Of course women find ways to change their looks all the time. They spice up their wardrobe, try a new hairstyle (or hair color, for that matter), and buy some hot new accessories.

Men have different options for strengthening their magnetic pull.

Size Up the Competition
If your pickup attempts have been less than effective, take a good, hard look at what you've been wearing for your nights out or your online profile pics. Resist the urge to put on your favorite college T-shirt and the saggy, baggy jeans that feel as comfortable as sweats. What kind of attention do you think that will draw? The kind that makes women look away and roll their eyes, that's what!

Now check out the competition. What are the guys who're getting the girls wearing? If your wardrobe makes you look like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory,” then you might need a nuclear-size makeover. Instead, model your style after the popular guys--Justin Timberlake or Liam Hemsworth, maybe.

Dress for Success
If you're still having trouble putting together the right look, get a female friend or family member in your age range to go shopping with you. (Here's a big hint: Don't ask your mom!) Another tactic is to seek the advice of a random attractive woman in the store. She'll be flattered, and you might even get her interested in something more than shopping!

Heads Up
Besides your clothes, make sure your head shot will put you on the A list. Facial hair should look neat or nonexistent. Hair, nails, and shoes should not really stand out, but instead should complete your look as an effortlessly enticing guy. Sloppy hair or unkempt shaving sends a message that you can't be bothered to impress a girl.

Toned and Tight
If your look says exercise is optional, you might rethink that. Try something new—swimming, biking, yoga, or maybe just going to the gym again. Toned guys are tempting guys, as long as they aren't muscle-bound meatheads. Besides improving your curb appeal, exercise can improve your outlook and your confidence. Plus, you might just meet a woman at the gym. News alert! They exercise too!

If you haven't been attracting the women you're attracted to, then wake up and smell the coffee. When you take action to consciously craft a better version of yourself, you're also adopting a new attitude. The new and improved you will be happier no matter who crosses your path next.

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