A Date That Rates

When you've been dating for a while, the choice of venue often defaults to the routine. If you want to score points with your sweetheart, plan a date that stimulates her personal interests. These tips will help you hit the high notes.

Shake That Thing
Many women really want to go dancing, and many guys don't. See if you can find a way to let her dance without embarrassing yourself. If you need to, rent a dance DVD and practice before the big date. Or find help from professionals. With specialized dance steps such as salsa, tango, or country line dancing, instructors often give brief lessons before the dance floor opens. That way, you can get a little help with your steps, and she can have the opportunity to dance with other partners. She gets to exercise that dancing desire, and you aren't on the hook to be her embarrassed partner the entire time.

Smooth Moves
Some women really like ice skating or roller skating. If that is your sweetie's passion, then take a few lessons or go to some free skate sessions with a friend who can show you some moves. If you can survive without painful, embarrassing falls and can give her a night in the skating rink, she'll appreciate the effort. And she'll be a lot happier when you get home if her endorphins are flowing.

Outdoor Outing
An unusual date can really spark the relationship fires. You don't have to spend a lot of money or drive a long way. Take her to a natural vista nearby - maybe a waterfall or a garden with unusual flowers. If you're close enough, take a day trip or overnight outing to the beach. Just don't try to plan any surprise vacations that require time off work. You're likely to cause more tension than appreciation if you're interfering with her work schedule and negotiating time off with her boss. Bigger vacations require mutual planning, but short surprise trips can add a special element to the weekend.

Know Her Tastes
Before choosing your destination, think about your date's personality and particular preferences. If you want to impress your sweetheart, show her that you know her unique interests. Maybe she would really like to see a play or the local orchestra. Maybe she's devoted to her professional football team and would love to go to the game with face paint and matching sweatshirts. Or maybe she'd like to go to an art gallery or a zoo within a few hours' drive. If you make an extra effort to learn her special desires and satisfy them, she's more likely to return the favor.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I need some Pepcid AC, because you make my heart burn.
  • Are you single, too? Or just beautiful?
  • You give me a reason to wake up every day.
  • Smile, darling. It looks good on you.
  • Know why the sky is so gray? All the blue is in your eyes.