Are You Having Separation Anxiety?

Ever feel like you just want to hang out with your girl but she's being distant? Does she keep making excuses to do things with her girlfriends instead of with you? Are you having trouble interpreting her intentions? Here's a translation guide.

She Says: "Do you mind if I have a girls' night on Friday? We're just going to have a few drinks and catch up."
You Think: "Why a girls' night? I thought we'd hang out in bed all weekend. But she'd rather go out with her friends? What's up with that?"
She Means: "I'll be more in the mood to cuddle up with you later if you give me some space and let me hang with my girls. I need to let loose without worrying about your feelings."

She Says: "Good night, baby. I'm just going to stay up for a bit and watch a chick flick and eat ice cream."
You Think: "I just want to cuddle up on the sofa and get her in the mood. But she's shutting me out."
She Means: "I'm feeling bloated and it's my time of the month. If you touch me, I'm going to get cranky. So leave me alone for now and I'll crawl into bed with you when I'm feeling more sexy."

She Says: "Taylor and I are going to play tennis. You can come if you want, but you'll probably be bored."
You Think: "Wow! She finally wants to play tennis. She's said no the last few times I've asked her. I'll go with them."
She Means: "I like playing tennis with you when you're not so competitive. And Taylor needs to talk about her boyfriend's stupid behavior. Please don't come along and make things awkward. I promise to play with you alone next time if you give me this girl time."

She Says: "Are you planning to do yard work tomorrow? Because I've got to go to the mall and find a new dress for the party next Saturday."
You Think: "I'll go with her to make sure she doesn't buy anything too revealing. We can hang out and have lunch too. Then I won't have to do the yard work."
She Means: "I want to shop at my own pace and not feel pressured to get back so you can watch the basketball game. Also, I don't need your approval about what I buy. Give me some space, dude."

If any of these scenarios hit home for you, you might want to back off a bit. Your sweetie will be sweeter if you give her opportunities to vent with the girls and some time to actually miss being near you. Play it smart and go hang with the guys for a while. Then you and your sweetie are more likely to put your alone time to good use!

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