Turn-on Tips: How to Make Her Beg for More

Nice and slow, these are the magic words. Never, ever underestimate them. One of the biggest complaints women have about men is that they move too fast, leaving little to the imagination. Just because you're ready doesn't mean she is. If you give her the chance to come to you, she will. And she'll be thanking you for it.

Some words to live by:

Don't kiss her on the first date. That's right, you heard me. I don't care how you're feeling, how well you think the date went. Women expect that men will try to kiss them on the first date. She'll think about you longer and harder if you simply walk away that first night. This will inspire a certain amount of desire that can be used to your advantage next time.

Look her in the eye as often as possible while you're together. If you're at a restaurant, stare at her even when she's not making eye contact with you. There are few things more seductive than looking up at the person you're interested in to find him or her already staring at you. Women like the suggestion of sex. It'll drive her crazy.

The importance of foreplay cannot be overstated. Once you get her on the couch, treat foreplay like an all-night affair. Work around her clothes instead of taking them off. Consider every single part of her body in the process, and linger over the parts that so often get neglected. Kiss the nape of her neck, of course, but also kiss her fingers. Lick the back of her wrist, you get the idea. Let her close her eyes while you pretend her body is a piece of candy, something to saver, not swallow whole. If that doesn't motivate her nothing will.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • So, do you wanna screw, or do I owe you an apology?
  • Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • Are you running a fever? Because you sure are hot.
  • Are you single, too? Or just beautiful?
  • Only you could convince me to shave my back.