5 Clues That She's Using You

Sometimes you want her and she seems to want you - but only when she needs something. Be wary of the mysterious girl who always leaves you wanting more - way more. If you think she's just using you, check out these clues.

User Clue #1: You're Always Reaching for Your Wallet
When you go out to eat, she makes no attempt to pay - ever. And when you're at the mall, she begs for you to buy her those shoes she's got her eye on. Worse, she borrows money and doesn't pay it back.

User Clue #2: She Ignores You and Flirts Like Crazy
During dinner conversation, she focuses her fawning attention on your guy friends and cuts you off mid-sentence. When you're chatting at the bar, she zones out yet seems totally entranced by the buff guy across the room. She gets touchy-feely with you only when she needs a refill on her drink, then immediately runs off to dance without you.

User Clue #3: She Puts You Down
She seems to focus on your faults, comparing you to her previous lovers. She reserves her compliments for her friends' beaus, asking you why you don't drive a car like that or buy her expensive jewelry.

User Clue #4: She Calls You as a Last Resort
She tells you she's got plans with friends, but calls you when they fizzle. Or... the plans with her girls don't fizzle and she calls you at 2 a.m. Read between the lines - she's partied all night and finally realizes she's going home alone.

User Clue #5: Her Future Plans Don't Include You
When she shares her vision of the future - her ideal career or how many kids she'll have - you're nowhere to be seen in the picture. She's talking about moving to another state and she doesn't consult you. Finally, you're definitely on the losing end if she makes vacation plans to exotic places without you.

If you recognize these signs, you need to get some backbone and get gone. You'll be happier if you find a girl who stands on her own two feet and likes you for who you are, not what you've done for her lately.

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  • My last name is "Visa," because I'm everywhere you want to be!
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