What Your Date Knows About You

Are you heading out for a date with someone you met online? Or are you getting set up by friends? You're probably a bit nervous trying to decide what to talk about, what to tell this new woman about yourself. Even though she hasn't met you yet, there's a lot she might know about you already. Want to find out? Here are the tricks a savvy woman is using to check you out.

What does Google say?
A woman is naturally curious about the new guy she's thinking of dating. She wants to be sure you have a good job, are not hideously unattractive and are not appearing in news headlines for criminal activities. Especially when she's working with limited information - your online dating profile and no personal mutual friends - she wants to know more. So before meeting you, she'll see what she can find out online. Be smart and Google yourself, so you'll know what she's seen about you and if there's anything you need to explain. Maybe there's a really interesting story behind your name appearing in the newspaper that you can use to entertain her.

What do your friends say?
Naturally, she'll be checking out your public Facebook profile, if she's not your Facebook friend already. So you'd better review what you've got visible to everyone or friends of friends. Are there numerous photos of you partying with pretty girls (player)? Embarrassing snapshots from high school or college (nerd alert)? Are your posts from yourself and your friends revealing the worst side of your personality (rude cynic)? Or do you appear exciting, funny and desirable (potential keeper)? Make sure your info shows the best of what you have to offer a new date.

What does your research say?
You might also want to know a bit more about the girl who's checking you out. Do a bit of online research yourself before the date. But don't jump to conclusions. Use the information you find to prepare interesting questions to get her talking about her family and friends, her activities and her personality. And be prepared to explain those tidbits she found online about you. On the plus side, it will give you both stimulating starting points in your conversation and help you get to know each other better.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I've finally met a Playboy model...
  • Baby, you remind me of a parking ticket because you have "fine" written all over your face.
  • You're like a dictionary...you add meaning to my life.
  • OK, I'm here, what's your next wish?
  • I don't know much about your future, but I know you have a beautiful background.