What She Wants in Her Man

OK, even women will acknowledge that we are hard to figure out. What we want changes daily, or even hourly. But there are some things that we tend to like in most men most of the time. To win our respect and love, consider these wants ...

Be a friend. She wants a man who's a friend first, then a lover. You can't fake that - it's there from the beginning: respect, true interest in her desires, helpfulness, give and take.

Show kindness. A guy who is considerate and kind really impresses women. We're not talking cheesy, like writing poems about her legs. We're talking truly thoughtful, like taking her car for an oil change or fixing her squeaky bathroom door. Or carrying something heavy for the elderly woman heading to her car.

Be assertive. She wants a guy who is decisive but not overbearing. Make a dinner reservation, or at least suggest the restaurant, rather than saying, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Take charge when needed, but be flexible.

Make her laugh.Life and relationships can get stressful. When the going gets tough--find a way to make her laugh. Whether it's a silly joke or a tummy wrenching tickle fest, she'll appreciate your effort to lighten the mood.

Spread the love. She is so touched when she can see the love in your eyes--for her, for your kids. And the effort you make to support your family and keep them safe. She adores that about you.

Talk to her. She wants a guy who cares enough to listen, not one who tunes her out. Watching the ball game is fine. But make time to ask her about her day and talk about plans for the future. She really likes it when you assume you have a future together.

Show confidence. A man who carries himself with confidence will always impress a woman. If you know you're good at your job, or a sport, or home repairs, show it. But don't brag. She wants humble and capable. Cockiness is going too far - that's a turnoff.

Be real. She wants a guy who's honest and down to earth. Be yourself and show her what you care about - even if it's your pet bunny or your addiction to hula hooping. If she doesn't love the real you, then it's doomed anyway.

Act spontaneous. She likes to share decisions with you, but she also likes surprises sometimes. Do something different and don't debate it with her. Whisk her away for an overnight trip. Buy her a book or a CD just because. Take her to a concert without telling her where you're going. Show her you know her tastes and want to surprise her with a thoughtful gesture.

Be the reliable one. Women sometimes get overemotional in stressful situations - ok, we'll admit it, in lots of situations. So if you can be the reliable, calming influence in her life, she'll appreciate that you're her rock.

Understand her sex drive. It's not that she doesn't want sex. She really, really does. But she wants to be treated with emotional caring, understanding, and respect first. Start from the top down - woo her mind and then her heart, and the rest will follow.

See her beauty. Every woman has her own special attractive qualities. She knows if you appreciate the real woman inside her. She loves it when you let her know her personality is just as beautiful as her body.

OK, guys. The tutorial is over. Now go back to assuming that you can never assume. Just roll with it and be the guy she can appreciate, and who appreciates her.

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