Why Is She Uptight?

You can usually tell when you're annoying your girl - whether it's the heavy sigh, the rolled eyes or the way she sharply turns her shoulders away from you - but you can't always tell why. If you want the inside scoop on what's annoying her, we've got a few we can share.

You Talk Too Much: She wants to hear your opinions, but she doesn't want to be smothered with them 24-7. Whether it's commenting on politics, sports, your friends . . . share your thoughts, but ask her about hers too. Try the see-saw approach - she allows your views to rise to the top, then you allow hers to rise up next. Keep in mind that constant talking can drive her crazy. She needs some quiet time to just connect and be affectionate with you too. It's all about balance.

You Talk Too Little: She wants to hear what you think about her. Yes, holding her hand or giving her a kiss tell her a bit about your feelings. But she wants to know what you love about her. She wants to know what's bugging you and hear how you can get closer emotionally. She wants to talk about your relationship. When you avoid it, she pulls back. Be careful! When you pull back on a rubber band and then let go, the resulting snap can really sting.

You Make All the Decisions: She likes it when you're assertive, but she wants you to listen to her opinion and give it equal weight when making decisions. If you laugh off her views, then she's more likely to laugh off yours. If you tell the waitress that your girl doesn't want a refill without asking her, that's not cool. Respect her opinion and she'll feel more tolerant of your wacky decisions like buying a motorcycle.

You Don't Make Any Decisions: "I don't care" doesn't help her plan what to eat, which movie to see or where your next vacation will be. You do care, so tell her. If all you do is shoot down her suggestions without offering new ones, soon she'll stop sharing her ideas with you too. Then you end up in the silent and deadly relationship mode.

You Sulk About Bedroom Time: If all you do is complain that you don't get enough bedroom time, but you don't initiate the process, she'll get frustrated. She wants more than a squeeze on her enticing parts to get in the mood. Put some effort into romancing her - kisses, eye contact and slow caresses - if you want her to cooperate enthusiastically and more frequently.

You Turn It Off Too Fast: On the flip side, she wants to know you care about her after the bedroom finale. If your standard cool down is to immediately fall asleep on your back and snore unmercifully, she's not going to feel appreciated. If you want to keep her coming back for more, then do a little snuggling and spooning after the big finish. Then she'll feel more like bonding next time.

So now you know that you can never really tell what's annoying your girl. Could be one thing, could be another. Try paying attention to these triggers in the future, and ask her if you're not sure. Maybe just showing her you care enough to ask will smooth over those ruffled feathers and win you one of those sexy smiles you love.

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