Best Friend's Ex

One night, I was having a party at my house and a few friends brought my best friend's ex girlfriend along. She seemed a little depressed, so I took her upstairs to see what was wrong. We talked for a few hours and she ended up telling me that she wanted me. I was excited, but a little more than hesitant because my best friend was still madly in love with this girl. He had just written a song about her that day, actually. So, I told her nothing could ever happen between us. The next night she called and asked if I wanted to hang out and I agreed, thinking I could resist the temptation, but I was wrong. We ended up making out and messing around until 5 in the morning. For the next week, we hung out every night and finally it became too much and we ended up having sex … on my best friend's bed. He doesn't know anything and she and I have been together for over a month now.

— Justin, 22