Satisfied Customer Fantasy

This one has to do with the bedding department of my dad's furniture store. It's near closing and the door bell rings. In walks a beautiful woman who is very professional looking. She is wearing a sheer blouse camisole and the works. I get excited just looking at her. I greet her, and she wants to look at a king sized bed. I take her over to the bedding department, and I show her a few models. About that time, my brother comes in and tells me that he is leaving and that all is locked up. We are now alone. She lays down on one of the beds and her skirt raises up. She sees that I notice and adjusts to give me a better look by spreading her legs. I lean over, kiss her, and she starts to breathe heavily. I lose my tie while her blouse comes off followed by the skirt. She lays there in nothing but the skimpy camisole and panty hose. I proceed to crawl on top of her. To her delight, we kiss for what seems forever, and then the pantyhose come down and we have sex. We climax with all the force of an earthquake. We lay there in each other's arms for a while. I write up the sales ticket, and we are both satisfied customers.

— Lionel, 51