Adult Bookstore

While on a business trip, I stopped at an adult bookstore along the highway. I had never been to one before and thought I'd check it out. Getting kind of horny, I went into the video arcade to watch a movie. Once inside, I noticed that a hole was cut into the wall. I peeked in and could see another guy in the next booth. I almost got up to leave but thought no big deal. I began pleasuring myself and then noticed he was watching. Then he placed his finger in the hole. I assumed that meant he wanted a closer view, so I turned and moved towards him. Again, his finger motioned for me to move closer. What the hell? I'm ready for action, so I moved right up to the hole. He pleasured me so well I thought he was trying to pull my whole body through the opening. Here I am, plastered against the wall of the booth, with a total stranger giving me the best oral sex I have ever had in my life. Within moments, I was finishing. Shocked at what I had just done, I pulled up my pants and, on shaky legs, got the hell out of there. Now on every business trip, I search out adult bookstores!

— Adam, 42